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ADE (Adobe Digital Editions) 3.0 is the way go!!
Last Updated 8 years ago

ADE (Adobe Digital Editions) 3.0 appears to be the only stable version of ADE for borrowing eBooks from the new OverDrive website.

How do you tell what version of ADE that you have?

Open ADE and click on the ‘help’ option followed by the ‘About Digital Editions’ option, there you will find out what version you have. If there is not a help option viewable then you would click ‘library’ followed by ‘About Adobe Digital Editions’.

It is highly recommended that you do the following if you are currently using any version of ADE prior to 3.0 or any version of 4.0 or higher. It is also very important to note that eBooks downloaded/borrowed prior to trying the following steps may no longer work, you would have to return them to the eLibrary and borrow them again.

1. Open your version of Adobe Digital Editions (ADE).
2. Connect Kobo eReader (not Kobo Tablet)
3. Erase authorization of your Kobo through ADE.
4. Erase authorization of ADE.
5. Eject Kobo, close ADE & uninstall all versions of ADE on your computer.
6. Install ADE 3.0 from
7. Authorize ADE, connect and authorize your Kobo.
8. Open browser, go to eLibrary, borrow and download an eBook.
9. Add eBook to ADE and then to Kobo
10. Eject Kobo and enjoy your book.

Please note: If ADE 3.0 is already authorize (which it may be, due to ADE 3.0 recognizing another version on your computer that is authorized) you will have to de-authorize ADE 3.0 and then re-authorized it, you may also have to do the same for your Kobo device when you connect it.

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